Explore the Carpathian Garden

Come and explore the Carpathian Garden, a place where rural life still follows the rhythms of times past. In the 21st century visitors are welcome in hundreds of ancient villages situated in picturesque scenery all over the country. Tourists are not only special guests but also participants in household activities such as cooking, wood carving, weaving, haymaking, and farming.

The countryside is alive with legends, myths, and traditions that have been cherished for centuries. Few countries in the world have preserved so many customs or have such love for their folk music and dancing. Throughout the year, Romanians celebrate their ancient heritage, the changing seasons, religious holidays, and life-cycle events with festivals that have remained unchanged through many generations. To start your journey to the Romanian villages, Rășinari and Biertan in Transylvania offer a unique rural experience, while Ciocănești in Bucovina reveals the art of painting eggs. These are the three villages from Romania that participated in the 2022 UNWTO Best Tourism Villages contest.

Another must-do for 2023 is full immersion in the natural landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains, attractive for both summer and winter activities. The ski season on slopes between 600-1,800 meters lasts from December until March, and offers inviting, active vacations for both beginner and experienced snow sports enthusiasts.

The foothills in the heart of the country will tantalize you with the appetizing scents of fruits and wines. You’ll be enchanted by extensive views of golden fields of grains and sunflowers. Romania’s southern border is formed by the Danube, which wends its way from the Iron Gates to the Black Sea, its ultimate destination and where it transforms into a fascinating delta, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

When in Romania you will be amazed by our tasty cuisine, a geographical and historical expression of our culture. Diverse terrain provides a variety of ingredients, and various cultures over time have each left their own savory imprints of flavors and colors. The exquisite wines produced here are the expression of an ancient heritage dating back over 4000 years.

As the 2023 European Capital of Culture, Timisoara will host a wide variety of events; the lavish agendas in other cities of the country will allow you to experience electronic, jazz, rock, medieval or classical music festivals all year round.

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