Pork and Beer Festival

The main activities of the Festa del Porc i la Cervesa are:

  • Pork Area: Pig Slaughter and a Live Demonstration of Making Charcuterie.This is a culinary spectacle where visitors can see how sausages and other traditional farmhouse products are prepared, such as sweetbread sausage, white sausage, black pudding, fried pig’s snout and more. The pig slaughter and charcuterie demonstration can be seen on Saturday from 5 pm (until the evening) and on Sunday between 11 am and 2 pm. This year, in combination with the pig slaughter, the pork butchers and stallholders of the municipal market will hold a slow hog roast of four pigs over an open fire on both Saturday and Sunday, which will then be served to festival-goers.
  • Tasting Workshop: This area is for foodies to sample new products, savour regional charcuterie and learn to distinguish the quality of different products. This year the workshop takes over the old Cooperative building right on Pl.  Fra Bernadí and offers guided tastings of domestic and imported craft beers, pairings of beer and pork, tastings of select charcuterie, samples of pre-prepared dishes, talks on how to brew craft beers, and much more.
  • Exhibition of Domestic and Imported Craft Beers: During the whole weekend visitors can taste a variety of domestic and imported craft beers learn about the brewing process, what kind of food suit to different beers and what the special characteristics of each beer are.
  • Tasting and Sale of Pre-prepared Dishes: In addition, local and regional restaurants will create special dishes and menus focusing on pork and beer and how the two can complement each other.
  • Charcuterie Market: The festival is rounded off by a market at which local and regional producers offer samples and sell traditionally-made delicacies such as chestnut sausage, pâtés, foie gras and other high quality gourmet charcuterie, which will be available in Pl.  Fra Bernadí this year.
  • The Farm: A space where families, especially kids, can come to play and experiment, gaining a better understanding of farm life and what raising pigs is like.
  • Guided Tours and Cultural Activities: During the weekend, various activities are planned to help visitors get to know the town: guided tours of the Rusiñol Colony and the city’s historical quarter, bicycle rides, concerts, fashion shows and exhibitions. 

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