Organic Live Fest

Organic Live Fest is a festival of sustainable development with content designed to help raise awareness of every individual to live a healthy lifestyle. The concept is based on promoting a rational use of natural resources by applying modern technologies. Renewable energy sources, organic production, a healthy lifestyle, and environmental protection are the main themes of the festival, but also the most current topics of modern society. Accordingly, the content of the festival is aimed at improving the quality of the environment by promoting European and international standards, and especially at changing the lifestyle, which is also the most difficult part of the mission. In the broadest sense, it is intended for the entire population, both those who are committed to the idea of sustainable development, and those who have very little knowledge about this field. In the narrower sense, it addresses the youngest population, given that awareness develops at an early age. At the same time, the employed, i.e. productive part of the population is an important link, because they are able to implement modern trends, upgrade the lifestyle, and therefore be the drivers for the development of the economy and the sustainable development of every country. The festival is held annually, on the first weekend of September, in Topcider, the most beautiful park in Belgrade.

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