Kaziuk Wileński

Kaziuk Wileński in Poznań is a vibrant celebration of Lithuanian and Polish culture and heritage, drawing inspiration from the traditional Vilnius fair of the same name. This event transforms the streets of Poznań into a bustling marketplace, where artisans and craftsmen showcase their skills, offering a diverse array of handmade goods, from intricate woodwork to delicate textiles. Visitors can immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of folk traditions, experiencing live local music, folk dance performances, and indulging in authentic culinary delights.

The atmosphere is electric, with the air filled with the sounds of folk melodies and the delightful aroma of freshly prepared Polish and Lithuanian dishes. Families gather to enjoy the festivities, with children participating in various interactive activities, from crafts to storytelling sessions that ignite their imagination.

Kaziuk Wileński in Poznań not only serves as a cultural exchange but also strengthens the bonds between Lithuania and Poland, as both nations come together to celebrate shared history and values. This event has become a cherished tradition, eagerly anticipated by both locals and international visitors, who seek to revel in the beauty and vibrancy of Lithuanian and Polish culture in the heart of Poznań.

Kaziuki Celebrations can be also found in smaller towns or bigger cities across the whole Poland.

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