Honeymoon Heartlands

Newly-weds always hope their marriage will play out like a fairy-tale. So what better way to start than with a honeymoon in romantic Europe?


The goddess of love Aphrodite casts a captivating spell over the island of Cyprus seducing travelers with a unique Mediterranean magic.

There are dozens of European islands with stunning views, sunny panoramas and magical beaches from Sicily and Sardinia to Malta and Madeira, but only Cyprus can claim to be the island of Aphrodite. Throughout history Aphrodite has inspired art, poetry, music, sculpture and literature.

When it comes to romantic honeymoon destinations, none could be more romantic than ‘the island of love’

And for centuries Aphrodite’s Rock has been a place of pilgrimage where people came to worship fertility deities. So legend has it, if you swim around Aphrodite’s Rock three times you will be blessed with great love and great fertility.

Beyond Aphrodite, Cyprus enjoys plenty of other romantic reasons to claim the title of the island of Love. Cyprus is famous for our picturesque villages and dramatic coastline. There are lots of deserted intimate beaches to enjoy and always stunning sunsets.


The enchanted Italian home of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has been captivating travelers for centuries.

There are plenty of romantic cities in Europe from Paris to Prague, but combined with Shakespeare’s famous romance, Verona offers all the magic of Italy distilled into one irresistible romantic package of glorious chapels, al fresco restaurants, baroque palazzos, cobbled streets, soaring pine trees, romantic bridges, medieval towers and staggeringly beautiful churches. 

The Verona of Shakespeare and the “star-crossed lovers” is legend all over the world

The city makes you fall in love with love. Over four days every February, including Valentine’s Day, the city stages ‘Verona in Love’ a festival of romantic films, plays, music, heart-shaped markets, romantic restaurant menus and hundreds of events.

About 600 weddings are organized in Verona every year. You have to reserve in advance because venues like Juliet’s house are extremely popular.


The legends of Latvia will capture your heart

Some of the most romantic forests and beaches in Europe are just a short drive from the Latvian capital of Riga. Suspended 43 meters over the lush forest of Latvia’s Gauja Valley is the only cable car in Latvia. It is an unlikely symbol of romance. In the 1960s, a local man Aivars Janelsītis fell in love with a girl who worked in the sanatorium the other side of the valley from him. So he decided the only way he could spend time with her regularly was by having a cable car link. Long story short, the cable car opened in 1969. Janelsītis married his true love and tourists have been enjoying stunning valley views ever since.

Honeymoon Couple Latvia
Latvia is an excellent travel destination for couples who wish to enjoy each other’s company

For a small country, Latvia is big on love. The nature is unspoiled, the culture is unique and Latvia offers good value for money for honeymooners.

With 54 percent of Latvia covered in lush forest, 633 protected areas and four distinctive seasons, nature is close to every Latvian’s heart and a stroll in the woods is an essential romantic activity.

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Mountains of Fun

The snow-white scenery of the Dolomites is an ideal destination for those who love skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, climbing, snowshoeing and trekking. Internationally famous for its ski resorts, it’s a magic realm offering numerous slopes in one track for hundreds of kilometers while being surrounded by magnificent heights and enchanting landscapes. There are so many sports to practice on Mount Rosa and its valleys; the three valleys of Ayas, Gressoney and Valsesia have some of Italy’s biggest ski resorts.

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