Holiday of the Elena Pork Ham

No one really remembers exactly when the Elenian people found the recipe for this delicacy, but what is known for sure is that the taste is one of a kind and recognized all over the country. The event is held yearly every last Saturday of each October in the town’s marketplace which turns into an arena of old traditions, attractions, food and wine tasting, races and exhibitions.

The recreation of the old Elenian tradition turns the old memory of slightly smoking a pig above a hole in the ground into a ritual in which only men participate. The masterly thin chopped Elenian Ham is carefully arranged on plates, making everyone hungry and eager to have a taste. The masters of the biggest and tastiest Elenian hams compete for prizes. The women show off their cooking skills by preparing the tastiest dishes and by that they show us that the specialty is perfect for excellent dishes as well.

The event also has a rich folklore program,with demonstrations of old Elenian crafts as well as attractions for the kids, taking place on the market square..

The people from Elena greet their guests very warmly ! You’re welcome too !

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