Guided tour to the San Marino National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

The Museum exhibits a selection of works of art from the Contemporary Art Collection of San Marino, which is formed by over a thousand pieces. Some of them were created by the most renowned Italian artists of the 20th century: Renato Guttuso, Emilio Vedova, Sandro Chia, Enzo Cucchi, Corrado Cagli, Giuseppe Spagnulo, Enzo Mari, Luigi Ontani and others, together with the most distinguished local painters and sculptors such as Marina Busignani Reffi, Walter Gasperoni, Gilberto Giovagnoli and Patrizia Taddei.
The Museum is divided into four areas corresponding to four historical-theme spheres. Each of them focuses on a specific event in the art history of San Marino in the 20th century including International Biennials, Spagnulo/Manzoni’s Project, the Scala Santa by Enzo Cucchi and Maurizio Cattelan’s work of art.

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