Garda Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Garda extra virgin olive oil P.D.O. is fruity, with a light or medium aroma depending on the particular olfactory nuances (artichoke, freshly cut grass, leaves, hay, herbs, flowers, green pepper, etc.) associated with the precise point of origin and the ripeness of the olives. The intense, bold aroma and taste of fresh, sweet almonds is almost always discernible. There is just a hint of bitter and spice balancing with overall sweetness, roundness and smoothness on the palate. The lingering persistence of its smell is pleasant. The oil is especially recommended raw, added at the end of cooking to foods with delicate taste and smell.

Small farms that produce Garda extra virgin olive oil P.D.O. dot the territory around the Lake Garda area, making for a unique, beautiful and harmonious landscape. In fact the olive groves in the area may at first seem to be a contradiction in agricultural terms, since these trees are growing much further north than the typical Mediterranean agricultural area. In fact, olive trees grow at a different altitude than the pedoclimatic parameters which define the “ideal” growing area in geographical terms, normally between the latitudes of 30 and 45 degrees north. Perhaps this is why the olive oil produced in this area has a well defined and much-appreciated personality.

The area around Lake Garda offers an extremely wide range of quality choices, with mountains and the lake, rolling and spectacular landscapes, historical towns and countryside, an unimaginable variety of typical products and cuisine, games, entertainment and sports activities, for indoors and out around the biggest and best-known Italian lake.


Cider & Natural Cider

Sidra (or cider) production in the region known as Green Spain began in the late 11th century when farmers planted apple orchards and began producing cider. Over time, as Asturias became the central cider-producing area of Spain, strong traditions developed and define what we now identify as Spanish cider. Sidra is a tart and refreshing beverage made from fermented fresh apple must. Apple trees grow prolifically on the rolling hills of the rural landscape, making cider a local culinary staple. The beverage can only be made from a concoction of the 22 specific apple varieties grown in the region and must be comprised of at least 5% alcohol.

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