Eel Festival

Since 1999, every year in October, the city of Comacchio, located on the estuary of the river Po on the Adriatic Sea, hosts the annual Sagra dell’Anguilla, the Eel Festival. Visitors can enjoy the millenarian history and local culture of this land through gastronomy and try the specialty per excellence: the eel.

Discover the real flavors of seafood gastronomy in a city with canals and bridges. Local restaurants will offer local dishes, mostly eel-based. In the city centre, an expo route will be organized, during wich visitors can find local and craft products, farm products, and artworks, as well as markets and a special area for children.

Entrance is free.

Dates for the 2023 are 30 Sep – 1 Oct and 7 – 8 Oct and 14 – 15 Oct.

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