Csaba Sausage Festival

The Csaba Sausage Festival is one of the most significant tourist attractions gastro-cultural event of Central and Eastern Europe. To this day, surviving, living traditions are the foundation of the festival, in which Csaba Sausage making, the pig-keeping traditions, the city’s community feasts and gastronomic traditions are placed at the center. The event is an integral part of the food industry and local agriculture, and also a tourism event. The Festival’s main attractions are the sausage-maker kneading competition, where nearly 500 teams take part, as well as the szárazkolbászok (dry sausage) competition, the pork preparation and tasting. As in previous years, the high quality programs provide a fantastic atmosphere for the nearly one hundred thousand visitors at the Békéscsaba municipal sports hall. Most of the visitors return to the festival year after year, which has a unique and friendly atmosphere and high quality programs to preserve its unbroken popularity.

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