Chestnut Festival in Hrvatska Kostajnica

Hrvatska Kostajnica, a picturesque little Croatian town is inhabited by a little more than 1,000 residents. It is located along the river Una on the south-eastern edge of central Croatia on the very border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hrvatska Kostajnica is surrounded by the slopes of Zrinska Gora where throughout its history often played the role of the guardian of Croatia’s existence. From the entrance into the town to the very end of it takes half an hour, and along with the beautiful and unspoiled nature, it is its small scale that gives a special feel to this little town.

Traditional Chesnut festival Kestenijada in Hrvatska Kostajnica is very popular and was formed 20 years ago from a small gathering by a brazier, roasted chestnuts and grew into the loveliest and most visited autumn event of the region along the river Una. The varied and interesting program of the Festival, alongside the unusual charm of this little town, attracts tens of thousands of people from the region and foreign visitors each year. The 3-day gathering is filled with a variety of interesting entertainment which includes many dance and music performances from tamburitza orchestra, quires, and traditional folklore troops as well as a variety of art exhibitions and medieval games crafts and workshops. The visitors can enjoy homemade local cuisine and preparations from Chesnut fruit.

A special attraction is a mini tourist tram which takes you for a ride down the streets and alleys of the town.Color full stands lined up down the streets are filled with local products, souvenirs and places where you can taste freshly roasted chestnuts. Those who are able to row can take a boat ride down the river Una and explore its beauty or explore the towns cycling and walking on the hiking trails. This year the 20th anniversary of the ”Kestenijada” Chestnut Festival will be held from 6th to 8th October 2017. During the festival, a popular train called ”Kesten-cug” (Chestnut train) will connect Zagreb to Hrvatska Kostajnica for free.

If you want to experience an unforgettable view of the river Una and taste the sweetest chestnuts in the world you are welcome to visit us at Kestenijada in Hrvatska Kostajnica.

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