Cal Rosal Mushroom Market

The Mercat del Bolet de Cal Rosal takes place every autumn at Cal Rosal, (Olvan, Berguedà) and is one of the oldest and best-known in Catalonia. It is open every day from 10 am until 7 pm. Visitors will find stalls with fresh, dried and preserved mushrooms as well as mushroom risottos, pastas, oil and pâtés plus cured meats, cheeses, yogurt, eggs and honey from Berguedà.

Olvan is a small municipality with a huge range of tourist activities. Its rural and textile heritage has left a rich cultural legacy, which draws the visitors’ attention to many key moments in history. With great creativity and enthusiasm, the local people have turned nowadays these historical moments into very special attractions for the visitor .

The municipality includes two very different towns. Olvan, nestled in the mountains to the east of the Llobregat, is a traditional town dedicated to a peaceful rural way of life, while Cal Rosal, on the banks of the river, is a textile town with a glorious past and a bright future. The area around Olvan offers many routes suitable for walking, cycling or horse riding which pass by the 100 farmhouses in the municipality. To take a closer look at rural life, you can visit Fuïves, home and breeding centre of the Catalan donkey, or even stay in agro-tourism accommodation.

Cal Rosal has a rich industrial heritage which still exists today with its commercial centre and all the essential services you could need for a few days’ stay in Berguedà. The area is crossed by the Ruta de les Colònies, a path that follows the river and takes in many beautiful locations, showing the great richness that the Llobregat River brings to the region.

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