Almond Blossom Festival

Almond Blossom Festival (Sagra del mandorlo in fiore) has been taking place in Agrigento for already 72 years. It’s an international folk festival aiming to spread the message of peace, integration and cooperation between people. Every year in February, Agrigento celebrates the first almond blossoms of the season in its Sagra del Mandorlo in Fiore. The Almond Blossom Festival, Agrigento’s most important event of the year, began in the nearby village of Naro to greet the early blossom of almond trees’ delicate flowers. It was moved to the Valley of the Temples around 1935. The highlight of the festival, which continues for ten days, is on the closing Sunday. A parade, accompanied by songs and dances, winds through the streets of Agrigento, celebrating peace, joy and fraternity.


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