Agros Rose Festival

Agros is an ideal rural village to visit not just for its outstanding countryside but also for its local traditions and cultural sites. Visitors will have the chance to participate in unique celebrations of local cultural heritage throughout the year, but one celebration is exceptionally well known: the Rose Festival.

The Rose Festival is an annual weeklong event held in May at the peak of the rose bloom. During this month, roses fill the whole region with a sensational fragrance, and rose growers pick around half a million rose buds during the early morning hours while the leaves are still damp with morning dew.

The festival is full of activities, exhibitions, and demonstrations, celebrating nature’s beauty and the village’s local traditions. Activities include handpicking roses in the fields, attending a rosewater-making demonstration where you will learn about the benefits of rose products and their different applications, live performances, and tasting Cypriot delicacies made using local recipes.

Locals use the rose extract to produce rose oil, rosewater, liqueur, and brandy, and their rosewater is also used in many Cypriot dishes.

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