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Pensiones y B&B

Staying in a Guesthouse or Bed and Breakfast offers you the comfort you'd expect from a hotel and the experience of local hospitality. It is an affordable and more intimate way to get to know a place

Wherever you travel in Europe you will never be far from a family run guesthouse, also referred to as a B&B, whether you're after a city break packed with culture, sights and entertainment or in search of something a little quieter. Just like hotels, B&B's also range in price and quality, cater for every budget and you're sure to be able to find something to suit your needs.

Staying in a Bed and Breakfast is a great way to experience Europe and a common way to stay when travelling throughout the continent. At the cheaper end of the market B&Bs can offer basic, clean and welcoming accommodation and at the higher end of the market, a great B&B can really make your holiday special.

It's always a good idea to know what to expect when travelling and don't expect all the services you'd get in a hotel. As an example, you may have to pay using cash instead of credit cards, B&Bs are often situated in residential areas, and you will be staying inside someone's home so should therefore be respectful and considerate to your hosts. In return you will find that many hosts go out of their way to help you get your bearings, introduce you to local customs and culture and provide you with inside knowledge on local area.



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