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Travelling with Pets

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For animal lovers who want to bring their pets to Europe, travelling with your pet abroad is possible but requires some forethought.

Each country has its own specific guidelines for bringing in pets; it is essential that you research the regulations for each country that you will be visiting well in advance of your departure date.

Things to consider when travelling abroad with your pet are:

  • Making a reservation for the flight to Europe (in cargo or carry-on?);

  • Having the right carrying cage for your pet and where to put it as you travel;

  • Is your breed of pet allowed in the country?

  • Vaccinations required for entry, including rabies;

  • Sufficient planning time, sometimes up to six months, to allow for blood or other tests required by some countries;

  • Travel documents, such as an international pet passport

  • Find out if your pet is required to have an electronic identification chip implanted under the skin, as required in some countries;

  • Take copies of health records/prescriptions in case of illness or accident;

  • Know the leash laws and clean-up customs for each country;

  • Check with all accommodation to make sure pets are allowed;

  • Find out where animals are and are not welcome in each country you visit, for instance in parks and restaurants.

All animals must have certain vaccinations, including a recent rabies shot, and the animal must be in overall good health. Specific certification and documentation for your pet is necessary to bring it into European countries. For more specific information, check with the tourist offices of the countries you wish to visit and with your airline. Book well in advance, and be prepared to pay a fee for your animal’s transport even if taken on board in the cabin.



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