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Any electrical device you wish to bring on your trip can be used with the aid of an electrical travel kit with variously configured plugs.

Chances are, no matter what sort of small appliance you plan to carry with you – electric shavers, hairdryers, irons or computers and mobile phones – you will need to bring along at least one adapter plug to fit the sockets in the country you are visiting, and a power converter if the voltage is different from that at home.

The reason for the converters and adapters is that electrical voltage in Europe is usually 220 V at 50 Hz. The only exceptions in Europe are Britain, Northern Ireland, Malta and Cyprus, which are 240 V at 50 Hz. Most electrical equipment is labelled with its range of voltage and sometimes can operate within either power range, but you will still need an adapter plug for the wall sockets.

At a pinch, your hotel may help you for a night, but if you plan to travel to more than one country, you might want to purchase a kit of adapters to safeguard and use your appliances in each place you visit.

You can purchase this equipment before you leave at a hardware store, department store, at the airport or, upon arrival in Europe, at an electrical or travel store.


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