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Drinking Restrictions

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Use your common sense abroad as you would at home and you will avoid sticky situations mixing drinking and driving.

Because so many European dining traditions include drinking alcoholic beverages, don’t be misled: Europe takes alcohol limits for drivers very seriously. These restrictions are aimed at reminding travelers to drink responsibly. As you would at home, exercise common sense and caution: do not drink and drive.

Europe’s Blood Alcohol Concentration limit for drivers generally ranges from 0.02 to 0.08. Expect zero tolerance in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine.

The drinking age in each country varies too, but to be on the safe side, carry your ID if you drink or purchase alcoholic beverages. Some countries list two legal ages: one to buy beer and wine and another to buy stronger spirits such as vodka, while other countries allow younger people to drink while dining in the company of adults.

So if you cannot avoid sampling the local firewater, make use of all your available options to return to your hotel: avoid driving, relax and hop into a cab or take public transportation.


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