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Travelling in Europe

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En voiture

If you enjoy traveling at your own pace, fly into any major European city, pick up a rental car and create your own itinerary, staying where you please for as long as you like. 

Europe is the perfect destination to indulge your passion for driving along majestic Alpine passes, magnificent scenic routes, in frenetic city traffic or on the Autobahns.

Interactive Map of European E-Roads

View European E-Routes in a larger map

Divided by north-south and east-west routes, Europe’s vast road network is officially known as the international E-road network; the roads cross national borders and are labelled with an "E" followed by a number. For example, the North-South E15 begins in Scotland as the M-74, changes its name on its way past London and dips to the southern edge of Spain in Algeciras, while the East-West E30 road starts in Cork, Ireland (as M-25) and travels across the continent through Britain, Holland, Germany and Poland.

Among some of the most famous European and scenic drives are Croatia’s dramatic Dalmatian Coast, the Romantic or Castle Road from Koblenz to Bingen in Germany, the Amalfi Coast in Italy, the Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland, the Cotswolds in England, Madeira in Portugal, the Picos de Europa in Spain, the Via Mala and San Bernardino in Switzerland, the Grossglockner Road in Austria and northwest Scotland’s Kyle of Lochalsh. The Oresund Bridge now links Denmark and Sweden and Norway’s Laerdal Tunnel takes the Oslo-Bergen highway under a mountain range, a route that once required a three-hour ferry ride.

For your driving comfort, you will find a wide choice of vehicles on the market – from pint-sized Fiats to motor homes and campers– available to rent, lease, or buy through major international car rental firms in Europe.

You can drive anywhere in Europe with your national driver’s licence, although some countries require an International Driving Permit, often available from automobile clubs. Be sure to find out if you need to obtain an  International Driving Permit far enough in advance to have it before you leave for Europe.

Pick up your car at the airport and drive right out onto Europe’s roads, some of which offer the excitement and speed of the autobahn and some the charm of meandering country lanes or mountain roads winding into the clouds.


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