Getting to Europe

Travelling in Europe

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Por aire

Getting to Europe by plane is easy from any part of the world.  All major cities in Europe have long-haul flights to all parts of the world and to make your onwards journey even simpler, there's a straightforward onwards connection if you're in a hurry to find those 'off the beaten track' places.

Check out our handy flight search tool below, designed to give you unbiased up-to-the-minute price and flight schedule information from every airline and all the major booking flights.  If you're not quite sure where you want to go, select your departure city on the map and see where you can fly to!


Your Safety

Take just a few extra precautions to protect your valuables and travel documents.

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Health Tips

Check your health insurance policy to be sure you are covered while travelling abroad.

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Any electrical device you wish to bring on your trip can be used with the aid of an electrical travel kit.

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