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Water Sports in the Rhine Valley

Fresh water sports are legion in the countries along the Rhine. Its tributaries and the lakes it feeds are perfect for rafting, kayaking, sailing, and a bit of fishing here and there. It’s also a phenomenal river for good old cruising.

Austria may be land-locked but there’s no shortage of water sports in this lake-studded country. Whether you fancy a refreshing dip or want to have a go at sailing, windsurfing or one of the other water sports, be sure to make use of the Austrian lake guide. 

Carinthia is known as Austria's Riviera without reason; this South Eastern corner of Austria is blissfully warm in summer, providing excellent swimming and tanning opportunities at its many beautiful lakes. The Heart of the Alps, where some 10,000 clean springs bubble up to the surface, offers a wonderful combination of majestic mountains and glittering lakes with water temperatures of up to a soothing 27°C/80°F. 185 lakes adorn the landscape across the Salzkammergut region, through mountain valleys and on mountaintops.

Switzerland’s lakes offer all kinds of fun on the water. Lake Murten is especially popular because the water warms up early in the summer. Sailing, windsurfing, water-skiing, wakeboarding, surf-biking, rowing, pedalo boating, canoeing, lake kayaking and angling – you can do almost anything here. Thanks to the enduring Maloja wind, ideal conditions prevail for windsurfing and sailing on lakes St. Moritz, Silvaplana and Champfèr. The tranquillity and breadth of the lakes in the Upper Engadine just beg for rowing a boat or canoe. Warm water, beautiful landscape and a fusion Italian-Swiss life style –no wonder the Ticino is the most popular canoe and fun rafting river of Switzerland’s South. Floating down on inflatable canoes with a guide is an ideal thrill for white water novices and families.

Germany's North and Baltic Sea coasts and its lakes offer excellent windsurfing and kite surfing conditions for beginners and pros alike. Free your spirit serenely, canoeing or kayaking on still waters, or break loose nature’s forces shooting the rapids. With its great variety of lakes and rivers, Germany is the ideal place for paddle sports and offers great facilities for these waterborne adventures. Nature parks, idyllic biosphere reserves or entire cities can be explored from a totally new perspective, either alone or in a group with a canoe. In Brandenburg, which has an abundance of water, the entire network of rivers and lakes invites you to go on limitless water sport adventures. From waterway to waterway floating along the rafters and boatmen’s old trade routes through the pristine landscape – who would want to go ashore?

Water is everywhere in Holland, with so many lakes, canals and estuaries, so boating is the way to go! Consider barging, traditional sailing or wind surfing. Angling is a popular sport since access to water is almost unavoidable and the fishing grounds are so good, and there’s always North Sea fishing for a bracing day offshore. Holland offers plenty of choices for catching the waves on a windsurfer. Try Zeeland’s delta, the lakes between Flevoland and Gelderland, or the Maas lakes in Limburg. If you tackle the North Sea, you should be reasonably experienced, as it can be quite unpredictable. Imagine water-skiing in Holland, gracefully working your way around the lakes or along the canals.

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