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Walking and Climbing in the North Sea

Wrap up and take to the trails around the North Sea, where you’ll have more company from sea birds than from humans and room to stretch your legs and expand your spirit. Thousands of islands and tidal flats, dramatic fjords, cliffs and coves give texture to your rambling in Norway, Holland, Germany, and Belgium.

There’s no need to limit your North Sea hiking to one country, on the contrary! Come and enjoy the very best of the North Sea's beautiful coastline on the North Sea Trail. Walk in the footprints of famous explorers, capture the view from towering cliffs and learn how the North Sea has shaped the landscape and lives of people beside it for generations. The North Sea Trail is more than just a path...you'll have a great time!

With gentle terrain, low elevations, and endless coastline to wander, Denmark is a terrific choice place for walkers of all ages and abilities to get as much left, right, left, right exercise and fresh air as one could want. In the northern part of Jutland, see Bulbjerg, Denmark’s only bird cliff. You might have heard of Hærvejen (The Military Road) which was created by traders, soldiers, cattlemen and pilgrims over the years. But have you ever set foot on it? Give yourself the pleasure of a journey traversing thousands of years, where you can experience the presence of history: Burial mounds, sanctuaries, court buildings, gallows hills and old bridges.

Walking in Norway is simplicity, peace and nature at your fingertips. With your rucksack on your back, you become an explorer – examine the birdlife, flora and fauna of Norway, or get to know your fellow walkers. The stories of Norway's contrasting landscape will reveal themselves to you. Norway accommodates various types of hiking and walking trips, whether an ambitious multi-destination trek or a “let’s stay put and take day trips” hiking rest. Hike and climb around fjords and mountains, waterfalls and canyons. Fancy walking on a glacier? Try the Folgefonna or the Nigardsbreen Glaciers. You won’t find hiking quite like this anywhere but in Norway.

Holland is the perfect country to explore on foot. Literally hundreds of routes have been mapped out to show you the most beautiful spots, historical cities and magnificent nature. Walking along its beaches and through its dunes is always a sure path to calm, but did you know you can walk on the seafloor itself when the tide is out in the Waddensea? Ramble for hours over the extensive heath in the National Park De Hoge Veluwe. And yes! You can climb a hill in Holland. Go to the southeast corner of the country and enjoy the rolling hills, hilly forests, brooks, sunken roads and meandering rivers of South Limburg or near Nijmegen.

Hundreds of well signposted walking routes lay like a net over Flanders in the north part of Belgium. The flat coastal area, crisscrossed by canals and rivers, is ideal for the gentle walker, with refreshment in great restaurants never far away! Explore the Green Belt around Brussels, not only dotted with elegant castles and parks, but a few breweries, too - which always makes for an interesting stop! For more challenging hikes, head for the hilly and beautiful Ardennes. Look for the ‘sentiers de grande randonnée’, a network of 4000 km of walking routes winding throughout the Walloon region of Belgium that take you to both cultivated and wonderfully savage places.

Walking and hiking in Germany are some of the best ways to reach the most breathtaking views and quietest corners of this history and scenery-rich country. The German hiking paradise caters to all levels, from alpinists seeking thin air and thick adventure on the Alpine heights to the multi-generational family group with youngest and oldest preferring easier paths, always in stunning natural settings. You have nearly 200,000 km of hiking trail network to choose from. Roam through the forests of Northern Hesse, find rare flowers or search out military history on the Moselle - stopping for some of the local wines, of course – but no matter where you wander, you’ll embrace with delight the perfect mix if nature, exercise, and sightseeing that happen when you walk and climb in Germany.

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