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Nightlife in the Mediterranean


Cap a glorious day of Mediterranean sightseeing at a relaxing at a romantic seaside café or dancing your heart out at a nightspot. Theatre is deeply rooted in the Mediterranean – think Greek tragedy and Italian opera. Add the cultural influences left by centuries of exploring, marauding, colonizing and trading missions and you know that theatre around the Mediterranean is fantastic.


Nightlife in Spain is guaranteed to go-go-go until after the sun comes up. Start the evening with tapas or dinner and a few drinks in a music bar… or else you could go to a musical or the theatre. Then adjourn to a bar or disco to carry on partying until you want your pillow more than the dance floor. And to top it off –even though the sun’s already up– what could be better than a delicious cup of hot chocolate with “churros” (hot fritters)? If theater is your passion, you’re going to be busy in Spain. Mérida’s beautifully conserved Roman theatre and Barcelona’s Gran Teatro del Liceu are two you shouldn’t miss, and you’ll love the National Theater Museum – for daytime fun, that is.

Glamorous nightlife is part of the legend of Monaco. An exhilarating evening is guaranteed at the casinos, whether you’re in the Casino, the Café de Paris, the Sun Casino and the Salle des Palmiers. You can party at clubs and dance until dawn in the chic, fantastic, unique atmosphere of the French Riviera. Imagine galas at the Monte-Carlo Sporting Club, international variety shows at the Cuban bar, lounge bars, techno music, champagne under the sparkling Mediterranean stars – and possibly, sitting next to a few of them!

Italy hosts an unending array of unique and fascinating events. The Venice Biennial showcases design and contemporary art, theatre and ballet performances. For classical music lovers, the cultural offer of Milan’s La Scala or the Verona Arena is unequalled. For those who love a bit of nightlife in Venice there are many opportunities: let yourself go in one of the various discos or spend the night at the Casino of Venice, testing your luck at the green baize tables. The province of Catanzarois the destination for nightlife and water sports lovers: the Costa Smeralda of Sardinia, with its pearl, Porto Cervo, combines the history and culture of a region that has old traditions with a joyful and colorful nightlife.

Malta is a hub for the clubbing scene. Internationally renowned DJs appear for guest weekends throughout the year in a variety of venues, from large clubs to quieter bars. The main nightlife clubbing action is in Paceville, on the coast near St. Julians, where the clubs and bars are in abundance. Theatre has been a lively part of the Maltese cultural scene since the 17th century. A variety of local and international drama, dance and music troupes perform on the Islands, creating a very vibrant theatrical calendar of events. With the fantastic weather on the Islands, open-air venues are also very popular and make for spectacular stage sets.

Cyprus isn’t just for sunbathing; all year round cultural performances with big name stars and sports events take place as alternative entertainment to Vitamin D absorption. Nightlife can be anything from slow, quiet dinners to party cruises where you dance to the lilt of the waves under a starry, starry sky – and no one complains about the sound level out on the water!

Can you even think of Greece without also thinking of theatre? Traveling in Greece gives you the splendid opportunity to see Greek plays and modern works performed in ancient amphitheatres that add another dimension to your evening out. The Psyrri area of Athens is a traditional neighborhood that has evolved into one of the most important centers of the town’s nightlife, with scores of bars, tavernas, ouzeris, and clubs. Patras never sleeps. Follow its rhythm. Spend your morning admiring the city’s beautifully restored neoclassical buildings. When you feel tired, enjoy a fine meal, and relax at a lounge café. Then, when night sets in, see the streets of the city transform into avenues of fun as Patras nightlife awakens.

Nightlife in Turkey is wild in Istanbul, where the music scene is incredibly varied and active. In popular towns along the Aegean coast the nights are never quiet. Bodrum is renowned for its exceptionally appealing nightlife, where the magical shimmer of floodlit Bodrum castle adds a certain charm to the atmosphere. Antalya’s nightlife is especially vibrant during the summer around the excellent marina where discos, bars and pubs are very popular among both tourists and locals. Traditional Turkish theatre will intrigue you: attend a performance of puppetry, karagöz shadow play, or meddahlik which is the art of storytelling and mimicry. The curtain, stage, decoration and costumes are all found in a single person, and it is therefore a one-man show.


The Mediterranean Region defies description; so rich is it in dramatic history and bewitching scenery.

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