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Mediterranean Music

Music in the Mediterranean, infused with the sounds of all the civilizations that have crossed its waters, is infectious, romantic, enticing, and evocative. Influences from Africa and the East mix with strains of Celtic and Germanic influence to create the sound of Europe in the Mediterranean.

Spain is pleasing to all the senses, especially to the ear. Enjoy a concert in a majestic natural setting, attend a recital in a Renaissance palace, see a show in an emblematic place like the Alhambra in Granada, take master classes with musicians expert in their disciplines, or enjoy an improvisation session in a nightclub, or a music festival during the summer. Flamenco is pure sentiment and profound passion, a genuinely Spanish musical art that has enchanted people from all over the world and inspired international musicians and stars. It’s a unique and captivating spectacle combining song, guitar and a powerful kind of tap dancing in, complex, clapped rhythms. Visit Spain and be sure to feel its energy and contagious rhythm – careful, you may be hooked forever!

Monaco hums in all seasons with musical presentations. The Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra offers Lunchtime Concerts, Symphony Sundays and Summer Concerts at the Palace, the latter traditionally, performed under the stars, in the unique and magical setting of the Main Courtyard at the Princely Palace. The Monte Carlo Opera offers virtuoso operatic art; the The Spring Arts Festival is a unique cultural celebration developed around a different central theme each year. The calendar of events features music, of course, with operas, recitals and concerts, as well as dance, theatre, cinema and art, with the added attraction of discovering new talents or admiring established artists and feeling new emotions.

For classical music lovers, Italy clearly means the La Scala for opera in Milan or the Verona Arena festivals and operatic season. Feel your pulse race when you attend an opera staged among the ruins of ancient Rome or sigh with pleasure at the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto. The Ravello Festival takes place every year in the enchanted scenery of the Amalfi Coast, an event not to be missed by those who want to be won over by the magic of great music played in an incomparably beautiful background. Listen for a Neapolitan serenade while your eyes linger on the sun setting over the sea.

Malta attracts top acts to its International Jazz Festival , with a line-up of top international and Maltese artists presenting an eclectic mix of jazz styles from the current musical scene. The beauty of the Grand Harbour by night is truly magical and tremendously evocative. Mike Stern said, while playing for his audience at this venue,“I have never played in a postcard before”'. Maltese folk singing recounts a story in verses that relate to a tragic past event. One style has two singers lance each other with sharp and witty retorts as one sings out and the other responds with spontaneously thought out lyrics; another features lyrics sung in an extremely high note remotely similar to a flamenco folk song. The National Folk Singing Festival is a three-day fest of Maltese folk singing where you can hear all about it.

Visit Cyprus to hear the exciting sound of modern Cypriot music or at the Troodos Grape Festival. Enjoy the local musicians in one of may music bars or have a pan-European experience when you attend concerts by famous visiting musicians who like to drop in to beautiful Cyprus as much as anyone else!

Greece is ringing with music you can hear at a choice of festivals held in stunning venues. Consider the Greek Festival, the Athens Concert Hall, the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, or the Greek National Opera. The unusual Earth, Wind & Music Festival is a festival about music, the environment and its protection.. To appreciate Greece’s musical past, visit the Museum of Greek Folk Music Instruments, which holds 1,200 folk pieces in its collection. Every showcase has headphones in order to be able to hear music samples of the given instrument.

Turkey‘s music is influenced, as is the rest of its culture, by a rich combination of diverse cultures and its position at the axis of the cultures of the East, the West, the Middle Eastern, the Mediterranean and Islam. This colorful portrait holds just as true for Turkey's music. Listen for Turkish folk music, Turkey’s own brand of classical music, based on traditional Turkish music interpreted with the values of Western classical tradition. You’ll hear warm sounds and infectious rhythms that will make you want to get up and dance. Classical, pop and contemporary music are alive and well in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul.

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