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Biking and Cycling in the Mediterranean

Cycling in the Mediterranean countries has that fantastic option of stopping for a cooling dip in the sea when it’s time for a break. Many beach cycle paths are easy enough for children, as a change of pace from sand castles. Cycling is the perfect way to seek out every nook and cranny of sunny spots by this lovely blue sea.

Explore the countryside and the coast of Spain’s Basque Country by bike, and you’ll see, smell, and hear more than you ever could from a motorized ride. Stop at small villages to catch your breath and ask the locals about the road ahead. In and around the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve in northern Spain are ten cycling routes linking towns and prime spots in the park; check in at the visitors center for maps and all the information you need for your cycle tour. 

The balmy Mediterranean climate, a bike and the Balearic Islands; this is a recipe for relaxed fun if ever there was one. The weather is right just about any time of year to wind along the archipelago's tracks and trails to find beautiful coves and stunning landscapes and little towns you won’t want to leave.  

Italy offers endless and amazing opportunities for cyclists - from mountain biking to downhill and street biking with movie set scenery hills you’ll never forget. The choice of bike tour itineraries covers a range of ability levels and includes the option of lodging in comfortable and practical bike hotels equipped to accommodate aficionados of this sport. Imagine biking under the Tuscan sun, or along the coast of the Cinque Terre, stopping to catch your breath as much from the awesome scenery as any physical effort you’re making. Enjoy la dolce vita even more when you’ve awakened all your senses on a bike ride through Italy.

What better way to experience the tranquil and serene feeling of the narrow village streets of Malta? Cycling through the countryside lanes between the crumbling rubble walls with views of the sea between the hills will fill your memory – and probably your camera – with scenes to delight you for years. Combine this with stops at historical and cultural places of interest along the route, and you have the best combination of a healthy, sporty and relaxed holiday. Distances between towns and villages on both Malta and Gozo are very short, requiring little effort - perfect for a relaxing day out on your bike. 

Experience the culture, history and wonderful scenery of Cyprus from the saddle of a bike. A cycle tour enables you to come across things which you would miss from inside a car: A chance encounter with a local; a stunning landscape to linger over; the sights and sounds of nature up close; an ancient ruin or a secluded cove. Follow one of the many cycling routes or even make your own. Set the pace you desire, for training or leisure, and feel your lungs with fresh air while making your bit to fight global warming and protect the environment.

Greece is almost entirely navigable by bike, allowing you to get loads of exercise for your body while your mind reels with the ancient sites and postcard views there are to see. Almost constant sunshine and low humidity extend good biking weather to almost every month of the year. Head to the Pindus range and you’ll find special mountain biking trails; even around Athens a cyclist can visit some interesting routes for mountain biking in Parnitha, Varibobi, Pentedli and Dionisos. Other appealing regions in the country are: Euboia, Evritania, Karytena Arkadia, Mani, Parnassos and Nafpaktos. Local ycling associations or cycling tour companies will help you amass all the maps and tips you need to have a splendid ride through the wonders of Greece. 

Sweeping vistas will challenge you to keep your eye on the road when you cycle through Turkey. You’ll find cycling is absolutely enthralling along the glistening Mediterranean Turquoise Coast or the mysterious and savagely beautiful Black Sea, in the eastern highlands with raging rivers and challenging ascents, or through the lunar, molded landscape of Cappadocia. Prepare well and consider using a tour operator specializing in cycle tourism, to make sure you’re ready for the constantly improving but sometimes surprising road conditions you may encounter.

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