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Wellness and Spas in the Islands & Archipelagos

A whole universe of spa and wellness destinations awaits throughout the islands of Europe. From the bracing reaches of the North Sea and the Atlantic to the balmy breezes of the Mediterranean, places to uncoil your nerves and replenish your energy abound.

At a destination spa in Ireland, not only do you get stunning scenery wherever you look, but it's also perfectly fine to wander around in your slippers and robe all day, too! Bliss….
Relax, rejuvenate and refresh yourself than in this gloriously beautiful island. Breathe in pure air; feel the soft rain on your face; immerse yourself in the country’s history and heritage and be inspired by what you see and feel on the island of Ireland. Now a leading international spa destination, Ireland enjoys a multitude of wonderful spas in some spectacularly remote locations. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities, bliss-inducing therapies and treatment rooms set amidst stunning scenery, a spa trip to Ireland is an experience that everyone will enjoy.

If clean air and water, a calm, stress-free atmosphere and walks in amazing mountain and costal scenery is a relaxing remedy for your body and mind, then Fjord Norway is where you need to be to get your wellness therapy. Do you need a change of scene? Energy injection, relaxation, or “yes, thank you – both?” Wrap yourself up in a wellness of fresh air, mountains and fjords. Norwegian wellness hotels are situated in beautiful natural surroundings, often near the sea but with a mountain nearby; tailor-made programs meets your requirements, whether you just want to relax, be active, or focus on diet.

Leisure time and wellness are taken very seriously in Sweden, to balance a hectic work and home life. No wonder then that the clichéd image of healthy Swedes taking a dip in a lake after a soothing wood-fired sauna is, in actual fact true. Wellness “Swedish style” is up to you, though; it could be as simple as renting a lakeside cottage and living the “simple life”, or as pampered as a weekend at a luxury spa enjoying treatments from the ancient Indian Ayurvedic tradition in a setting of relaxing pools, saunas and therapeutic baths. It’s really up to you. From the home of the midnight sun in the far north to the Swedish archipelago in the south, Swedes just discovering ‘Swedish style wellness’. Why don’t you too?

Finland has had spas ever since the 19th century, when Russian aristocrats came here in search of rest and relaxation. The trend has revived and these days, well-equipped spa hotels provide physical and spiritual rejuvenation for weary urban souls. Many Finnish spas use native treatments and emphasize the importance of nature in wellbeing. Saunas, cleansing rituals, peat wrapping and, for the more adventurous, dry cupping are all available. Finnish day spas offer you relaxing treatments during your city break. You can try exotic Finnish treatments like a reindeer milk facial in Lapland, Nordic Body Scrub with Nordic Sea salt, rolling pin massage or arctic cloudberry peeling. Let yourself be pampered!

Estonia has been a popular spa and wellness holiday destination since the 1820s, when the therapeutic values of mud from various regions were discovered. Seaside resorts and inland spas offer a wide range of relaxation, recreational and medical procedures such as mud wraps, chocolate massages and salt treatments. There is nothing quite as relaxing as taking a trip to the countryside, on foot, by bike or on skis, and having a hot sauna and full body massage followed by a gourmet dinner – what a perfect romantic escape! Taking a spa break is also fun for families with children: aqua parks or swimming pools are present in most spas and some have playgrounds and child daycare facilities too. There are special treats available for kids: pearl bubble baths, fun massages, more adventurous salt and cold chambers and more.

Forget your cares and escape - you are entering a world of well being. Luxuriate in its benefits. Relax and recharge your batteries. Germany has more than 350 spas and health resorts and around 500 spa and wellness hotels offering an amazing variety of therapies, massages and treatments. The healthy climate, healing waters, natural therapies and stunning scenery make it the perfect destination for your wellness holiday. In honor of your fabulous treatments, visit the ancient Roman baths at Baden-Baden to pay your respects to the people who paved the way for today’s spa-tacular treatments!

Sanatoriums, wellness centers and health products are not new to Denmark in this day and age. In Denmark spa and wellness is increasingly popular and no wonder why! You can enjoy the many spa and wellness opportunities for just a few hours or perhaps a mini break combined with the many other delights that Denmark offers you. How ideal to combine fresh air and wellness, which is exactly what a visit to an outdoor spa can provide. Many Danish spas are located by the water or other soothing natural sites. Mmm, how about a jog before the spa and a smoothie afterwards to round out a wellness day in Denmark?

If you seek arelaxing vacation, spiritual rejuvenation, or total mind and body tune-up, there's a place for you in Holland. For example, in dreamlike South Limburg hill country, close to Maastricht, is one of the few places in Holland where you can enjoy the healthy and revitalizing centuries-old underground hot springs. In the richly wooded foothills of the Eifel and the Ardennes, an authentically restored castle dating as far back as 1420 combines the splendor of the past with the comfort and technology of the present. To make the Dutch spa and wellness experience even more unforgettable, stay in a variety of off-the-beaten-path accommodations, such as a medieval castle, an old manor house in the middle of a forest, a convent, mill, a lock keepers house or antique farmhouse.

Feeling good in Italy is easy, where the tradition of body and soul treatments dates back thousands of years, to ancient Rome. Throughout the country, from north to south, visitors can experience a unique vacation focusing on body care and on well-being in general, at natural thermal springs. These centers are renowned for their therapeutic properties and for their excellent aesthetic treatments. There are ancient baths that have remained intact for centuries and bring visitors back in time, offering a primitive sort of appeal. They have natural saunas, hidden caves surrounded by vegetation, with hot steam and a pleasant ferrous scent - excellent spots for reinvigorating the body and treating the skin.

Taking time out is what holidays are all about. The islands of Malta are an ideal destination if you're looking for some exercise or just wish to revive and relax. It is the soul purpose of some forty health and spa outlets to focus on your overall wellbeing. These facilities can be found at most of the five star hotels as well as other private outlets. The warm climate, clear Mediterranean light and fresh sea air alone help increase energy levels; imagine how you’ll feel when you succumb to the bliss of spa treatments in Malta as well!

The spas and thermal water centers of Spain present you with a world of soothing sensations. These are places where the only priority is your wellbeing. Discover the best possible beauty treatment: being pampered; you'll feel like new. Seawater relaxes, revitalizes, beautifies and contains elements that are beneficial to the human body. Since Spain has almost 8,000 kilometers of coast, two seas, an ocean and exceptional, sunny weather, it’s the ideal destination to experience the amazing power of seawater.

The abundance of mineral springs to be found all over Portugal, some of which have been famous since Roman times, are an excellent reason to choose one of the comfortable Solares de Portugal for a memorable wellness and relaxation escape. You could be out in the Azores overlooking the Atlantic from your natural spa; basking in the precious beauty of Peneda-Gerês National Park with its waterfalls and wild horses; or just off the Road to Santiago de Compostela. Whatever spa you choose, you’ll find that all the manor houses of Portugal are idyllic places where you can enjoy truly relaxing peace and quiet as you delight in the breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean or over some of the most beautiful landscapes of Portugal’s inland regions.

Find out what Aphrodite's secret for perennial health and youth is, at one of Cyprus’ world class health spas and wellness centers. Luxuriate in these oases of tranquility situated at some of the island’s top hotels, in beautiful surroundings overlooking lush gardens or with stunning views while allowing yourself to be pampered to your heart’s content. Sample from a full range of packages designed to de-stress, relax and revitalize you, including detoxifying algae and mud body wraps, aromatherapy, thalassotherapy hot stone therapy, massages, shiatsu, reflexology, natural therapies and beauty treatments, to name but a few. Try the local ‘trachana wrap’, a sour milk and coarse wheat concoction, normally made into soup.

Apart from the rare landscapes and unique natural beauty, nature also endowed Greece with springs whose therapeutic properties were already known in ancient times to be significant. With thermal and mineral springs at 850 different geographical locations, spas are part of the country’s national wealth. The spring waters vary, owing either to high temperature or to the presence of rare active components. With one of the best climates in the world, its natural attractions and one of the healthiest diets in the world, Greece is the ideal destination for a spa holiday to put mind, body and spirit to rights!

Turkey offers the ultimate relaxation and spa experience, reflecting its unique geological and historic make-up where over 1000 thermal springs abound - and where the traditional Turkish hammam and massage treatments have been perfected over thousands of years. A huge array of modern spa centers and luxury hotels also mean Turkey is the perfect place for health and wellness holidays to suit all tastes and budgets. Famous for its traditional baths or hammams, a visit to one is a relaxing and invigorating experience not to be missed during your stay in Turkey. There are over 57 still operating in Istanbul alone, including the traditional Çemberlitaş and Cağaloğlu Baths in Sultanahmet, where you can enjoy the ancient rituals of steam-bathing, exfoliation and massage.

Do you really know the full-bodied fragrance of sage, lavender and rosemary? When was the last time you took a deep breath of the scent of a forest after rain? And what do you think - do you do more for the spirit or for the body when you savor the pleasure of a wellness centre from which all you can see is the blue expanse of the sea that somewhere in the distance blends into the infinity of the sky? This is the spa experience in Croatia. When you decide to gratify your body and soul, Croatia’s wellness destinations combine fine treatments with the unique climes and ambiance of Croatia, and the inexhaustible energy of its stone, sea and trees; your sanctuary on the Adriatic.

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