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Iberian Music

Think Spanish guitar and Portuguese Fado, flamenco and castanets, passion, warmth, energy, and romanticism: that’s music on the Iberian Peninsula.

Spain is pleasing to all the senses, especially to the ear. Enjoy a concert in a majestic natural setting, attend a recital in a Renaissance palace, see a show in an emblematic place like the Alhambra in Granada, take master classes with musicians expert in their disciplines, or enjoy an improvisation session in a nightclub, or a music festival during the summer. Flamenco is pure sentiment and profound passion, a genuinely Spanish musical art that has enchanted people from all over the world and inspired international musicians and stars. It’s a unique and captivating spectacle combining song, guitar and a powerful kind of tap dancing in, complex, clapped rhythms. Visit Spain and be sure tofeel its energy and contagious rhythm – careful, you may be hooked forever!

Portugal will give you some of the most soulful music you’ll ever hear. A shawl, a guitar, a voice and heartfelt emotion; these are the ingredients of Fado, the celebrated form of world music that captures what it is to be Portuguese. Deep-seated feelings, disappointments in love, the sense of sadness and longing for someone who has gone away, everyday events, the ups and downs of life all inspire Fado.
The more popular forms of Fado are to be heard in the cities near the sea, such as Lisbon or Porto, but Coimbra has given the music its own unique feel, making it popular among students. The Fado houses are the best places for enjoying an evening of Fado. A candlelit dinner, accompanied by songs you’ll understand without even speaking the language, is an experience that you simply have to include in your holiday plans.


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