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Beer and wines on the Adriatic Coast

There is no place in Europe with the mountainous Atlantic and Mediterranean terrain you’ll find on the Iberian Peninsula. Stretching between two seas with a great expanse of land between, not to mention richly endowed islands in both waters, Spain and Portugal have much to offer in the way of biodiversity and protected habitats.

Discover Spain’s unique and rich array of flora outdoors or at one the fantastic botanical gardens in the major cities. Plant life is Spain is as varied as its terrain and microclimates. The Vedado de Eguaras Nature Reserve is a geological depression where farmland is interspersed with pine woods, whose shade provides an excellent spot to eat and rest. This area is an ideal spot for viewing wildlife such as foxes, badgers, rabbits, griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures, eagle owls and occasionally great bustards. The Region of Castile-La Mancha is something like an avian Grand Central Station, thanks to its location on major migratory routes, so birdwatchers, this is your heaven.

Just one example of the magical natural world in Portugal is at the Dunas de São Jacinto Nature Reserve. Sea, lagoon and sand dunes make a beautiful coastal landscape, with scenic forests and dunes stretching down to the sea. These hills of sane are an integral part of the ecosystem in the Beira Litoral region, populated with ancient woodlands of resinous and broad-leaved trees, growing in small wetland areas and supporting much local wildlife. You’ll find observation posts strategically placed in areas of great natural beauty, to the delight of bird watchers who can observe all kinds of water birds sheltering and nesting in the lagoon.

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