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Biking and Cycling in the Iberian Peninsula

Gorgeous weather and scenery, beguiling coastal towns and traditional mountain villages and the relaxed pace on the Iberian Peninsula make it a natural for cycling. Spend a few hours pedalling to a perfect picnic spot or make a whole tour on two wheels, and you’ll never forget the quiet thrill of pedalling through Spain and Portugal.

Almost every corner of Portugal is good biking country. In the Alentejo, jump on a bicycle and discover hidden trails. Mountain biking is both an enjoyable way to keep fit and one of the best ways of getting to know the region's hidden corners: meet other mountain-bike enthusiasts exploring the banks of the lakes; in Beja, you can rent a bike and then get lost in the maze of narrow lanes; and in Évora, pedal to the Jardim de Diana, for a unique view of the acropolis. For a serious challenge, circle the Serra de Sintra as you wind your way up to the fantastic Palácio da Pena. A test of both legs and lungs, it’s not without reason that Sintra features on the Tour de Portugal cycle race itinerary. Taking in the wonderful views may be the best pretext for a rest but the surprise when you run across palaces and castles en route are equally compelling reasons to stop for a bit.

Explore the countryside and the coast of Spain’s Basque Country by bike, and you’ll see, smell, and hear more than you ever could from a motorized ride. Stop at small villages to catch your breath and ask the locals about the road ahead. In and around the Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve in northern Spain are ten cycling routes linking towns and prime spots in the park; check in at the visitors center for maps and all the information you need for your cycle tour.

The balmy Mediterranean climate, a bike and the Balearic Islands; this is a recipe for relaxed fun if ever there was one. The weather is right just about any time of year to wind along the archipelago's tracks and trails to find beautiful coves and stunning landscapes and little towns you won’t want to leave. 


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