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Beers & wines on the Adriatic Coast

The Black Sea coast winds curves along beaches in Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria that have been popular since ancient times. The westerns shores are known for their salty mud baths and cures, offered at scores of resorts along miles of sparkling coastline, while the southern coast is wild, rocky and a bit remote.

Since ancient times? You bet. The thermal activity near Bulgaria’s seacoast, combined with balmy temperatures and spirit-lifting scenery, has made it a prized holiday destination for a very long time. Your visit these days includes modern accommodation and every conceivable beach-oriented activity in a refreshingly green landscape. Visits to unique sites such as Nessebar and its spectacular churches or Varna, the coastal capital, will make your play days by the sea that much more delicious.

The gentle climate and miles of sand beaches, vestiges of ancient Greek trading posts, vineyards and modern resorts are why Romania's Black Sea Coast is a highly popular vacation spot. Try a salty mud bath in Mangalia, famous for centuries for its curative treatments, or enjoy the action at Mamaia, one of the most favored resort areas in Romania. You’re only a day trip away from the astonishing Danube Delta, where you can see how thousands of birds and marsh animals take to the water – then, back to the beach!

Turkey’s Black Sea coast is a lush, moist area known for tea, hazelnuts, cherries and ancient walled cities such as Sinop and Trabxon. The beaches at the western end, near Istanbul, are flat and sandy, but on hot days you may not see the sand for the vast number of people lying on it. On this northern shore of Turkey you can expect bracing seawater temperatures, little risk of sunburn and small beaches, stunning ocean scenery and intriguing sights and towns to explore.


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