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Wellness and Spas on the Atlantic Coast

The benefits of seawater and sea air are well known, so treat yourself well – you’re on vacation, after all – and take advantage of the stunningly located and oh, so effective spas and wellness centers all along Europe’s Atlantic Coast.

Iceland offers many ways to relax and recover from life’s tensions, through physical activity and relaxation. The warm water found so abundantly in the Icelandic soil provides wonderful opportunities for relaxation and recreation. Every village or town has a swimming pool where you can luxuriate in water of 27–29°C and relax in even warmer hot tubs, of which there are more than one. In some places you can swim in natural bluish water, rich in minerals and soothingly warm. For a real treat, visit the famous Laugar Spa, where you can also be treated to massages and beauty treatments, or the destination spa, The Blue Lagoon.

At a destination spa in Ireland, not only do you get stunning scenery wherever you look, but it's also perfectly fine to wander around in your slippers and robe all day, too! Bliss….
Relax, rejuvenate and refresh yourself than in this gloriously beautiful island. Breathe in pure air; feel the soft rain on your face; immerse yourself in the country’s history and heritage and be inspired by what you see and feel on the island of Ireland. Now a leading international spa destination, Ireland enjoys a multitude of wonderful spas in some spectacularly remote locations. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities, bliss-inducing therapies and treatment rooms set amidst stunning scenery, a spa trip to Ireland is an experience that everyone will enjoy.

The spas and thermal water centers of Spain present you with a world of soothing sensations. These are places where the only priority is your wellbeing. Discover the best possible beauty treatment: being pampered; you'll feel like new. Seawater relaxes, revitalizes, beautifies and contains elements that are beneficial to the human body. Since Spain has almost 8,000 kilometers of coast, two seas, an ocean and exceptional, sunny weather, it’s the ideal destination to experience the amazing power of seawater.

The abundance of mineral springs to be found all over Portugal, some of which have been famous since Roman times, are an excellent reason to choose one of the comfortable Solares de Portugal for a memorable wellness and relaxation escape. You could be out in the Azores overlooking the Atlantic from your natural spa; basking in the precious beauty of Peneda-Gerês National Park with its waterfalls and wild horses; or just off the Road to Santiago de Compostela. Whatever spa you choose, you’ll find that all the manor houses of Portugal are idyllic places where you can enjoy truly relaxing peace and quiet as you delight in the breathtaking views over the Atlantic Ocean or over some of the most beautiful landscapes of Portugal’s inland regions.

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