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National Parks on the Adriatic Coast

Rock around the Adriatic in the dramatic, sparkling national parks near the famously pearly sea in Italy, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia.

The Le Marche region of Italy on the eastern foothills of the Apennines offers two fantastic national parks for ardent trekkers: Monti Sibillini and Monti della Laga National Parks. Not only can you enjoy beautiful vistas, if you’re lucky you may find the prophetess Sibyl, after whom the Sibillini mountains were named, and come away with some life-changing advice!

Drop down to the “heel of the boot”, Apulia, to wander through the Murgia and the Gargano National Parks. You’ll see wild forest, saltpans and lakes, and deep ravines. Walk, pedal, run, do something – you’ll need to work off the effects of your gastronomic explorations of local specialties, such as Altamura bread. Days outdoors are a perfect foil for touring the intriguing UNESCO –listed Castel del Monte and the conical stone “trulli” houses of Aberobello. 

Croatia is a jewel and nowhere more so than along its brilliant Adriatic coast. As you swing around the top of the Adriatic you’ll come upon Brijuni National Park, a collection of islands off the Istrian Peninsula that are replete not only with natural beauty – think greens and blues – but historical sites from the ancient Greeks and Venetian. Further down the coast are the unusually dense Kornati Archipelago and its national park, where you can almost island hop in the most literal sense. This is a sailing, kayaking, hiking and diving paradise. Miljet National Park, at the southern end of the Croatian coast, covers a large percentage of the Miljet island. Here, visit protected species above or below the surface of the water at the Adriatic’s first underwater reserve.

Montenegro and Slovenia have stunning mountainous national parks that you can read about on our page on National Parks in the Balkan Peninsula.

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