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VisitEurope Roll the Dice

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With the Visit Europe Short Film campaign, the European Travel Commission (ETC), together with the European Commission, was looking to create a new inspirational video to promote Europe as a tourism destination.

In partnership with Screen South, the European Travel Commission invited filmmakers across Europe to submit their ideas for a short film for the "Never-Ending Journey" Short Film Competition. From a range of superb applications, 10 filmmakers were selected. They have presented their pitches below.

On June 21st, 5 finalists were invited to present their projects in Brussels to a panel of experts including Academy Award-winning filmmaker Sir Alan Parker. After careful deliberation they announced ‘Rolling the Dice’ by Benoit & Detalle & Marija Jacimovic as the winner to the public.

Based on an invented dice game, the film sees the two protagonists' journey through Europe as they roll the dice at every step of the way to determine where they will go next.

The film uses a pixilation and stop-motion animation visual style which helped these talented filmmakers win the praise of the jury amidst very strong competition from finalists drawn from entries from 24 countries across Europe.

The European Travel Commission and Screen South, Executive Producers on the film, worked closely with the filmmakers as they travelled across Europe through the summer. They gained access to film in fabulous locations and venues with the support of many Tourism Organisations and Film Commissions across the European regions.

Want to know more about the campaign:
VisitEurope Movie Campaign

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