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Wellness and Spas in Scandinavia

Saunas. Need we say more? Scandinavia is justly famous for toasty saunas, icy lakes (which you’ll appreciate after the sauna, not so much before), amazing natural mineral springs, and exhilarating scenery to inspire your newly refreshed body and soul.

Iceland offers many ways to relax and recover from life’s tensions, through physical activity and relaxation. The warm water found so abundantly in the Icelandic soil provides wonderful opportunities for relaxation and recreation. Every village or town has a swimming pool where you can luxuriate in water of 27–29°C and relax in even warmer hot tubs, of which there are more than one. In some places you can swim in natural bluish water, rich in minerals and soothingly warm. For a real treat, visit the famous Laugar Spa, where you can also be treated to massages and beauty treatments, or the destination spa, The Blue Lagoon.

Finland has had spas ever since the 19th century, when Russian aristocrats came here in search of rest and relaxation. The trend has revived and these days, well-equipped spa hotels provide physical and spiritual rejuvenation for weary urban souls. Many Finnish spas use native treatments and emphasize the importance of nature in wellbeing. Saunas, cleansing rituals, peat wrapping and, for the more adventurous, dry cupping are all available. Finnish day spas offer you relaxing treatments during your city break. You can try exotic Finnish treatments like a reindeer milk facial in Lapland, Nordic Body Scrub with Nordic Sea salt, rolling pin massage or arctic cloudberry peeling. Let yourself be pampered!

Leisure time and wellness are taken very seriously in Sweden, to balance a hectic work and home life. No wonder then that the clich├ęd image of healthy Swedes taking a dip in a lake after a soothing wood-fired sauna is, in actual fact true. Wellness “Swedish style” is up to you, though; it could be as simple as renting a lakeside cottage and living the “simple life”, or as pampered as a weekend at a luxury spa enjoying treatments from the ancient Indian Ayurvedic tradition in a setting of relaxing pools, saunas and therapeutic baths. It’s really up to you. From the home of the midnight sun in the far north to the Swedish archipelago in the south, Swedes just discovering ‘Swedish style wellness’. Why don’t you too?

If clean air and water, a calm, stress-free atmosphere and walks in amazing mountain and costal scenery is a relaxing remedy for your body and mind, then Fjord Norway is where you need to be to get your wellness therapy. Do you need a change of scene? Energy injection, relaxation, or “yes, thank you – both?” Wrap yourself up in a wellness of fresh air, mountains and fjords. Norwegian wellness hotels are situated in beautiful natural surroundings, often near the sea but with a mountain nearby; tailor-made programs meets your requirements, whether you just want to relax, be active, or focus on diet.

Sanatoriums, wellness centers and health products are not new to Denmark in this day and age. In Denmark spa and wellness is increasingly popular and no wonder why! You can enjoy the many spa and wellness opportunities for just a few hours or perhaps a mini break combined with the many other delights that Denmark offers you. How ideal to combine fresh air and wellness, which is exactly what a visit to an outdoor spa can provide. Many Danish spas are located by the water or other soothing natural sites. Mmm, how about a jog before the spa and a smoothie afterwards to round out a wellness day in Denmark? 

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