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Walking and Climbing in the Benelux

Holland may be known for being flat as a pancake, but there are also hilly regions presenting a fun challenge to walkers in South Limburg. In Luxembourg head for Little Switzerland to stretch your legs and visit a few beautiful castles en route. Walk off your waffles in Belgium by ambling through forest paths in the Ardennes.

Holland is the perfect country to explore on foot. Literally hundreds of routes have been mapped out to show you the most beautiful spots, historical cities and magnificent nature. Experience Holland in a unique way by walking along its beaches and through its dunes. Enjoy the woods and heaths of Holland and the flora and fauna found here. Visit the hilly country in the southernmost part of Holland and the hills near Nijmegen.

Hundreds of well signposted walking routes lay like a net over Flanders in the north part of Belgium. The flat coastal area is crisscrossed by canals and rivers is ideal for the gentle walker, with refreshment and sustenance in cosy cafes and great restaurants never far away! Should you fancy a more challenging walk, head for the Ardennes with their undulating hills and beautiful countryside or discover the Green Belt around Brussels, not only dotted with elegant castles and parks, but a few breweries too (always makes for an interesting stop)!

Look for the ‘sentiers de grande randonnée’, walking routes marked in white and red throughout the Walloon part of Belgium. The topographical guides, for sale in sports stores and tourist offices, give distances and point out unusual sights to watch for. A network of 4000 km of paths crosses all of Wallonia, allowing you to discover bothly cultivated and wonderfully savage places.

Crossing the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg on foot means getting to know it in person! Five tourist regions with different landscapes nestle inside this compact land, one third of which is covered in forests of oak, beech and fir trees, criss-crossed by some 5,000 km of hiking routes! Luxembourg has 201 official marked footpaths. Almost every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday there are organised hikes for anyone who wants to join a like-minded group of walkers. What a great way to meet some Luxembourgers and enjoy the sparkling countryside.

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