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In much of Europe, nightlife has exploded in the past 40 years. Clubs, bars and pubs pump out music until the early hours, there is a boom in live music and sometimes complete islands are set up to accommodate clubs. The beaches and bars of the coast are the hotspots, but inland too there are always places to dance and have a good time.


The options for going out at night are excellent: original bars, a variety of different atmospheres and fiesta to be had until the early hours.

The presence of students in university or college towns means that there is nightlife almost every day of the week. Later on, after midnight and until the early hours, you will find a wide variety of options for your enjoyment: in the many pubs, bars and nightclubs you can dance to all kinds of music, hear concerts, see films, play cards, or simply have a drink in pleasant surroundings.

At the first sign of hot weather, nothing is more appealing than having an animated, uninhibited chat on the terraces of restaurants and cafés, which take over the pavements and the squares of the cities every summer.

If the Alps is most famous for its skiing that sport has created a secondary industry – the après ski. Holiday makers and winter sports fans need something to do after a hard day’s skiing, and now there are a plethora of clubs, bars and nightclubs to keep the mood going until the early hours.

The great thing is: it is so uncomplicated. Flirting is normal on holiday, but Ischgl (Austria) could be described as the birthplace of flirting. During après-ski in the huts or when dancing in the clubs, it is easy to make contact with new people, you flirt and laugh – and everyone has a good time.

In Iceland, the partying starts rather late (bars/clubs get busy after midnight)! People often begin the evening meeting at someone's house before they head downtown. There are countless bars, nightclubs, pubs, and late-night restaurants in Iceland's capital - you can spend the whole night going from one place to another! You can save money at many locations by using the Iceland Travel Discount Card.

The distinction between cafés, pubs, bars and clubs is far from clear in Reykjavik, with many daytime cafés turning into tightly packed bars and clubs as the night goes on. Many are open until late (five in the morning) and it is not uncommon to spend all night on the town on Friday and Saturday nights.

In Ireland nightlife tends to be based around pubs, some of whom stretch their closing time into the early hours.

In Portugal people enjoy nothing better than long nights spent outdoors. If you like your nights to be lively and exciting, start the evening on a café terrace by the sea or riverside. Then all you have to do is choose a bar or a disco and dance the night away.

Porto’s nightlife is probably one of the most exciting in Portugal. Most cafes, discos and bars are concentrated in the “Ribeira” zone in the old Downtown of the city. These entertainment places have commonly outdoor seating and are frequented mostly by students.

Belgium is fast becoming THE destination in Europe for the 20-30 something set. Generation Xers are flocking to cities like Brussels, Antwerp, Leuven and Namur for a pulsating nightlife.

No matter where you are in Belgium, there’s a party going on – and you’re invited! From 8pm until 8am – in that space of time between savouring a beautiful beer and a piping hot waffle – Belgium’s exuberant nightlife will prove that sometimes it’s worth it to skip a good night’s sleep. Jazz festivals, rock concerts, exotic nightclubs, traditional brown pubs and casinos are all a part of daily life here in the heart of Europe.

In Holland pubs are usually open until 4 am on Fridays and Saturdays and until 2 am on other days.

Clubbing capital of Holland is the title that Rotterdam has won for itself by the explosive growth of the number of cafés, restaurants, clubs and discotheques over the last twenty years.

Luxembourg Nightlife can be described as vibrant and exciting. There are a wide range of recreational spots in Luxembourg that make the Luxembourg Nightlife very colourful.

London has one of the most vibrant nightlife scenes in Europe, and Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester are not far behind. English pubs and wine bars close at 11pm, but clubs stay open well into the early hours.

The UK has an excellent music scene that's very much alive in the clubs today. Most of the popular dance music; techno, electronica, house and drum n bass originated in the London clubs.

Wherever you go in Europe you’ll be close to a hot nightspot.

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