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National Parks in the Iberian Peninsula

The Iberian Peninsula has national parks on the mainland and on its fascinating islands, so your nature experience in Spain and Portugal can range from mountain ascents to scuba diving, or something in between on the headlands of a gorgeous, wild beach area.

The Region of Andalusia in southern Spain is home to one of Spain's most beautiful national parks: the Doñana National Park, which has the UNESCO World Heritage designation. At the mouths of two further rivers that reach the sea nearby you can find the Odiel Marshes Biosphere Reserve; Two stunningly beautiful areas of countryside, chosen by some 200,000 birds to spend the winter.

In Picos de Europa national park near the northern coast of Spain contains three massifs separated by deep gorges, thanks to four rivers that have been hard at work for thousands of years. The famous Covadonga lakes are here, and the Eastern massif where sharp crags blend with green pastures. The Park is crossed by four rivers channelled in deep gorges:

In northern Portugal the Peneda-Gerês National Park is a natural jewel; Come and discover these natural surroundings and unique species including wild ponies, golden eagles and the Castro Laboreiro dog breed. Learn about local village customs, too, in the Montesinho, Alvão and Douro International Natural Parks, and always be ready for some water-based fun on the clear streams running through this area.


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