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Horse Riding in the Baltic States

Equestrian centers and farms throughout the Baltic States offer lessons for all ages and levels, days out on horseback, and special rides for non-riders on horse-drawn carts and sleighs, depending on the season. Ride through gorgeous forests and meadows or along the beautiful Baltic coast.

There are more than 130 horse riding locations in Latvia where you can find horses trained for riding as well as experienced instructors. Closer to Riga and the larger towns, these will be superbly tended paddocks or riding paths for short, guided outings, while deeper in the countryside you can expect friendly horses to take out on your own for long and unhurried hacks allowing you to savor Latvian nature and tranquility—or cheerful cart or sleigh rides, depending on the season. Horse riding is available in all regions of Latvia—all you need to do is enquire of your hosts and they will recommend the nearest farm that offers activities on horseback or involving horse-drawn vehicles.

You can enjoy horse riding along Estonia’s sandy forest paths, dunes and coastal areas throughout the year – although you may want to bundle up a bit in the winter months! Most farm-type accommodation will have horses, teach riding and offer supervised trail rides. If you want a horsey experience without braving the heights of a saddle, try a ride on a horse-drawn trap, buggy or sleigh.

The Estonian Native Horse, known locally as the klepper, dates back to 11th century. You can tour the Tori Stud farm, which is working tirelessly to preserve and develop the Tori horse and Estonian horse breeds, as a part of Estonian national cultural heritage.

Riding a horse is one of the most rewarding things you can do in Lithuania’s national and regional parks. Riders and non-riders alike will appreciate the relationship Lithuanians have to horse-kind as exhibited in fascinating detail at the Horse Museum in Anykščiai Regional Park. The exhibits reveal all about the multifunctional role of this most elegant of animals in everyday life – as friend, helper, warrior and worker. Then try one out for yourself, and hire a horse or a horse-drawn carriage for a ride. Kurtuvėnai Regional Park also has a riding center, open all year round and situated in wonderfully changing forest and river valley landscapes. For an exciting spectator horse event, don’t miss the the Lake Sartai Horse Race. For 200 years at this competition teams of beautiful horses have raced on a frozen lake on the first Saturday of every February, a popular event that attracts thousands of people.

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