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Horse riding

Horse riding is one of the oldest forms of sport, and one of the most instinctive – according to the people who love it. It does, however, require training and hours of practise, and plenty of safety precautions, such as the wearing of helmets at all times.


If you are passionate about horses, you will agree that nothing quite beats the thrill of exploring on horseback. Horse riding is a great way of exploring the mountains. There is something romantic and yet thrilling about heading off for a trek on horseback following the footsteps of early explorers and pioneers. No experience is necessary and a local guide will always accompany you! While sitting astride your trusty steed, you will appreciate the natural beauty of the mountains from a totally different viewpoint.

There are excellent riding facilities at ranches and tourist farms, which similarly to riding centres, also organize riding courses for all levels, cross-country riding, carriage rides, care for horses and more. In many places there are ponies available to children and there has been an increasing number of riding clubs which offer rides by ponies.

If you fancy a real adventure, you can ride out in the afternoon to a tee-pee camp, make your fire and bbq and sleep under canvas, ready to ride back out again in the morning. Younger children can go out on a pony trek on easy trails and tracks - a great introduction to horse riding in the mountains.

All the riding schools we use are fully licensed and the instructors are all qualified equestrian instructors with years of experience with horses and ponies in the mountains. The animals are healthy and well cared for.

Croatia offers fantastic, varied riding opportunities. Its terrain is diverse, including: plains, lakes and rolling hills, perfect for horse riding and galloping across the plains. The rocky coastlines on the Adriatic Sea (Istria, Northern Seacoast and Dalmatia) are areas can be most enjoyed and experienced on horseback.

There are many lively and fashionable resorts on the coast of Italy, which offer excellent riding, and many other places of interest further inland.

Horses and ponies were the original means of transport in the Alps. Their stamina and agility far outdid any means of wheeled transport for some time. Along with donkeys, they are still used today for transporting supplies up to some of the mountain refuges, but most are ridden for pleasure.

If you really want to see the mountains at their best you may want to head just over the Swiss border to the Morgins equestrian centre where you will find horses ideally suited to trips up into the heart of these truly stunning mountains. Also in Austria tourists may enjoy horseback riding, for instance in Bad Kleinkirchheim - the area where The National Park extends as far as the eye can see.

Some of the best horse-riding in the world is to be found in the Atlantic coast, which has a long history of breeding and riding horses. Ireland in particular is seen to this day as the home of the horse, and there are plenty of places to ride with some of the most beautiful horses in the world. France and Portugal also have a long and rich history of equestrianism, and are set up to welcome visitors with guided tours.

The country that produced the Lusitano thoroughbred horse, Portugal is the home of the world’s oldest saddle horse and its landscapes provide truly beautiful settings for some quite unforgettable rides.

The flat lands of the Low Countries and the huge number of parks and open spaces make the region ideal for horse riding. That, and the history of equestrianism in the area, means horse riding is one of the most popular sports in the region.

The most natural way to enjoy the countryside and experience the diversity of Britain’s landscapes is on horseback.

Horse riding routes are without doubt one of the most natural ways of discovering the many areas of natural beauty in the Pyrenees. Valleys, mountains, volcanoes and beaches are seen from a different outlook when you're sitting on a horse. Equestrian tourism offers an opportunity to rediscover that feeling of harmony with nature.

You might not automatically think of Scandinavia as being a major horse region, but you would be wrong. Horses have been bred and ridden here for centuries, and historically were a crucial part of everyday life. Now the tradition continues, and not just in the summer months. Ice riding is a specialist activity that tourists and travellers can try, as long as they have reached a certain standard. The horse is a much-loved beast in these parts.

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