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Golf in Scandinavia

See the Scandinavian countries over the tip of your golf club: Breathtaking scenery and unusual conditions (did anyone mention the Midnight Sun?) make for spectacular golf on a wide choice of courses in Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Iceland, already irresistibly equipped with attractions thanks to its unusual and abundant natural beauty and fiery nature, offers golfers the intriguing element of playing in the midnight sun. That’s why the Akureyri club, in the north of the island, runs a 36-hole international open tournament at the end of June. The first ball is played just before midnight and the tournament lasts until early morning.

Short and sweet describes the golf season in Sweden, where the sport is ever more popular. Your choice of over 300 courses includes gentle, bucolic expanses, fairways cutting through forests, and rugged coastal greens. The summer season isn’t long but the quality of the courses is high. Very conveniently for the visitor, the greens are usually public and open for day use and are not restricted to club members  - but book ahead, this is a popular sport!

Norway is a hotspot for golf too, regardless of its snowy inclinations. Most of its golf courses are near Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim or Stavanger, so easy enough to take an afternoon tee time to add variety to your sightseeing. Even if you’re here in the winter months, you can try the truly Scandinavian pleasure of ice golf.

Denmark doesn’t know a bad season for golf, since it’s the southern member of Scandinavia. With its gentle topography it’s perfect for peaceful courses, almost always near the sea. The Golf Denmark label scheme makes it easier for you as consumer to find the best golf facilities whether it is a golfcourse or a hotel.

Imagine the situation in Finland: It’s midsummer and you’re on vacation, so you can really go crazy. The sun is shining already at four a.m. Get a round in before breakfast, and another one before lunch. And another eighteen holes in the afternoon. Have some dinner, relax in the sauna, and then practice some putting. Maybe best is that although there are only 100 (only?) courses in Finland, there aren’t that many people and playing hours are long, so you’ll never feel crowded, just cool. To feel literally cool, try winter golf on the ice!

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