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Biking and Cycling in Scandinavia

Scandinavia has loads of cycle paths, from horizontal to almost vertical. Denmark offers expertly marked sea level cycle routes. Use the ferries to cross from island to island in Finland on a cycle tour of the Southwest Islands. Enjoy Sweden’s bike-friendly cities, secluded north, or bucolic farmland in the south. Pedal past lava fields and geysers in Iceland, or majestic fjords and forests in Norway.

Transporting yourself on two wheels lets you go almost as an unnoticed guest in Sweden: you can get really close to the aromas and images of Sweden. Being close to animals and wildlife is oen of the best parts of the biking adventure. You get where you are going easily and safely on Sweden's well-developed bike paths.

In Southern Sweden the flat bike paths are lined with golden fields of corn from March to October and are perfect for family bike tours. Distances between farmsteads and villages are short so it’s easy to stop and take a break, such as for the requisite ice cream cone. If you seek real seclusion, head for the tranquility and serenity of Northern Sweden. The more adventurous can try their hands at mountain biking on Sweden's mountain slopes, or test their metal in one of Sweden's Extreme Challenge events? And for something further off the charts, try cycling the unorthodox way: Pedal a rail trolley along the old railway lines.

Cycling is the ideal way to navigate around Denmark - there are more than 10,000 km of cycle routes. A cycling holiday in Denmark provides exercise and all the fresh air and fragrant breezes that we crave we escape “regular” life. Pedalling along scenic trails prohibited to motorised vehicles and lap up the silence and sweet air. All routes are described in handy and detailed cycling maps, so it is easy to enjoy a 'go-as-you-please' cycling holiday in Denmark.

Norway has sign-posted cycle-routes in many parts of the country, charted on special cyclist maps that you can buy from Bike Norway or at tourist offices or bookstores along the route. The routes are follow roads that have little or no automobile traffic and often have cycle-friendly accommodation along the routes.

Rallarvegen is one of the most scenic cycle rides from "the roof of Norway" right down to the fjord - quite an experience! The North Sea Cycleway passes through several towns along the coast., mostly on flat terrain except for one memorable stretch beteen Flekkefjord and Ogna. You’ll encounter little or no traffic and a mountain bike isn’t necessary. The bike routes between Voss and Bergen are quiet, low traffic roads that ribbon through majestic mountains and clear blue waters of the fjords. 

Finland is ideally suited for cycling tours. The roads are mostly pretty flat, with some gently rolling hills, and away from the main routes there's little traffic. The scenery is varied, with lakes and forests, peaceful farmland and small villages.

The Åland islands are quite small, so the biking distances are not long. Get there and back by taking a cruise ship from Helsinki or Turk and use ferries to hop from island to island, where campsites are plentiful, You can also follow the inland waterways and farm landscapes, stopping off at some of the country's best attractions along the way. The King's Road route follows an old postal route through southern Finland between Helsinki and Turku and is ideal for biking. It has been used by kings and courtiers, bishops and townsmen, artists and armies since the 1300s - and now, you!

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