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Biking and Cycling in the Benelux

The Benelux is crazy for cycling, both for sport and daily transportation. Bike paths in Holland and Belgium crisscross beautiful countryside, in windmill dotted flatlands, along canal embankments through medieval town centers. Luxembourg is laced with cycle paths but be ready, part of this country is called Little Switzerland and can not be described as flat!

Cyclists will definitely take pleasure in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg on the 575 km of its national network of cycle routes. These paths are well marked and have good surfaces; where local routes are employed, roads with little traffic are chosen. Cycling through Luxembourg is the best way not to miss any of the charm or diversity of this gem of a European country.

Cross the Ardennes into Belgium and you’ll find lots of like-minded souls on a fair weather weekend. 

There is nothing quite like biking through its contrasting landscape of flatlands in Dutch-speaking Flanders and rolling hills in French-speaking Wallonia, both a cyclist’s dream. Miles of bicycle paths fun alonside romantic canals winding between quaint towns, charming castles, outdoor cafés and incredible restaurants. 

Holland was made for cycling – or is it the other way around? Relatively flat with a mild climate, unending cycle paths, short distances between towns, and motorists who are very bike-aware make pedalling around the Netherlands an absolute pleasure.

All 12 provinces have something unique to offer so you’ll never be faced with a monotonous landscape. Consider the rural provinces of Friesland and Groningen in northern Holland, where you can jump across to the Frisian islands or roll up to inspect an ancient hunebed, or burial mound. Glide through the green heart of the urbanized Randstad, the densely populated triangular area between Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. In Overijssel, Drenthe, and North Brabant the cycle paths traverse woods and heath. 

A journey around the IJsselmeer (the former Zuiderzee) includes traditional fishing villages and cheese towns, and in the spring there are the bulb fields. For those craving more exertion there are hilly routes through the dunes of Texel and the provinces of North and South Holland, through the Veluwe forest in Gelderland, and in the rolling hills of southern Limburg. And you thought it was all going to be the same?

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