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Beers and Wines from Scandinavia

It’s very important to stay warm in winter’s cold and hydrated in summer’s heat, and in Scandinavia you’ll find some extremely pleasant drinks to help you do just that.


Denmark has gone micro-brewery crazy; Tuborg and Carlsberg used to be the “beers of record” in Denmark, but now you can taste test the brews of over 120 micro-breweries and 12 classical breweries. Yes, Carlsberg is still the alpha beer, though. The breweries are spread all over Denmark, yet so closely situated that you rarely have to go more than 30 km before you find the next one. Why not go on a beer journey and see how it is produced and taste it before it leaves the brewery?

When you’re in Finland try vodka and liquors flavoured with local berries - cloudberry, arctic bramble and cranberry, for example. For bubbly beverages, try the beers from its many breweries, including an increasing number of macro breweries and restaurant breweries, while locally produced cider is also in great demand. SpåraKOFF, the world's only pub tram, has been offering Helsinki sightseeing rides to thirsty customers every summer since 1995. Starting from May, you can again hop on, sit back, enjoy a cold drink and take in the highlights of the Finnish capital. What better way to get the feel of the city than sitting in this moving pub with a cold beer in front of you?

Coffee culture has caught on strong in Iceland - do you think it could be since the summer nights are so long? Reykjavik, as well as most other towns, is dotted with places to sit and enjoy an espresso or any other caffeine concoction, as well as some delicious cakes and pastries. Most have free wireless internet, and many offer refills and a healthy supply of newspapers and magazines.

Norway's national drink is aquavit, a potato-based spirit flavored with herbs such as caraway seeds, anise, dill, fennel and coriander. The preferred accompaniment to Christmas food, it is also what salmon bathes in to become gravlaks. Younger travelers will Freia Melkesjokolade, the milk chocolate marketed as the essence of everything that is Norwegian, or Solo, a refreshing orange drink. Don’t worry, there’s no age limit on these beverages and adults are allowed to enjoy them, too.
When you’re working your way through the delights of a smorgasbord in Sweden, what do you drink?
Swedish Aquavit and beer! Aquavit comes in different flavors like cumin, fennel and aniseed. And for Swedish beer, try Pripps!


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