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If you are looking for a vacation with unforgettable experiences, then you will love Romania, an inspiring destination for those who love unbeaten paths and authentic culture.

Romania’s natural features are unique in Europe. At the heart of the country lie the Carpathian Mountains embracing the famous Transylvania and hiding places of true wilderness in the national parks, which rouse the visitors to adventure and activity. Around them the hilly regions welcome you with the appetizing scent of fruits and wines which have been produced here for more than 2000 years. The final circle enchants the view with the extensive plains of grains and sunflowers. In South, the Danube borders the country finding its way to the Black Sea, the ultimate destination where it transforms itself into a wonderful delta, declared UNESCO biosphere reserve.  

People enrich this natural treasure with unchanged traditions and a warm and generous personality. The cultural sites, many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are testament to a unique history, with a heritage of Dacian and Latin origin combined with Byzantine and  other great cultures of the continent. Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is the biggest city and the centre of political, economic, scientific and cultural life, where one can find a mix of tradition and modernity, of Orient and Occident, which gives the place originality and charm. The stories of these places will surely fascinate you, and the deep spirituality of Romanians will impress you too.

Come and explore the Carpathian garden with its ancient traditions and folkloric fairs. Refresh your body and mind in the numerous SPA resorts, taste the fresh and organic food and enjoy the sound of music at the jazz, rock, medieval or classical music festivals held throughout the year.

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