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Capital: Reykjavik
Area: 103,000 km²
Population: 300000
Language: Icelandic
Currency: Krona (ISK)
Time Zone: GMT - 1 hour

Official site

Iceland is closer than you think and more fun than you ever dreamed of. This mid-Atlantic island is the nearest European neighbor to the U.S. In fact, Iceland is at the halfway point from the East Coast to the European continent. With daily or frequent flights from New York, Baltimore/Washington, Boston, Minneapolis, Orlando and San Francisco, this awesome and virtually jet-lag free destination awaits you with plenty of action.


The chilliest thing about Iceland is really its name. In January the temperature is warmer than in New York and the welcome for travelers is always warm. In Iceland, almost everyone speaks fluent English and Americans always feel welcome. Experience extraordinary views of surging geysers, thundering waterfalls and moonlike volcanic craters. Play golf at midnight because the sun never sets in summer. Fly to the Westmann Islands and visit some of the 10 million puffins that live there. Iceland is for the young and the young at heart. Be a leader and head straight for the "coolest" destination on earth. You will never regret it.

Reykjavik is a city where you’ll feel safe to walk the streets. Cozy, charming, a “village feel” and friendly people. But as much entertainment, action and things to do as a metropolis of millions. And with all the modern conveniences, a high quality of life and world-class services.

Even so, it’s still only a 15-minute cab ride between downtown and wild nature, where you’ll feel you’re the only person on Earth.

Iceland is the ideal place for taking a break and setting foot on a European outpost with an exciting, lively, and ancient – but living culture all of its own. You’ll feel at home – free to walk around, shop, admire, explore. It’s a place you could go on discovering forever.


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