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Croatia the new star of European Union

Croatia, the Mediterranean as it once was, offers 1,244 islands strung along its stunning Adriatic coast, boasts 16 UNESCO Heritage Sites and eight national parks as well as an excellent tourism infrastructure. From the café culture of its historic cities to the rugged landscapes of continental Croatia, with a packed calendar of festivals and events and a host of home-grown gastronomic delights, Croatia is the ideal holiday destination.


The Republic of Croatia is a European parliamentary state and part of European political and cultural history. By size, it is classified among the middle-sized European countries, such as Denmark, Ireland, the Slovak Republic, or Switzerland. Croatia is a land of open frontiers and clear-cut Customs formalities. It is also a country of concord, and one that is respectful towards its guests. The Croats strive to make “Our Beautiful Homeland” equally beautiful to all who visit it, ensuring that they take with them the finest souvenirs of their stay, beautiful memories, when they leave.

Welcome to Croatia!

Photo credits: Croatian National tourist borad, photographer Igor Zirojević

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