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Capital: Sofia
Area: 110,994 km²
Population: 7970000
Language: Bulgarian
Currency: Leva (BGL)
Time Zone: GMT + 2 hours

Official site

Tucked into the Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria is a natural gem. Set on the Black Sea, visitors can enjoy all that this stunning turquoise sea has to offer including sailing, surfing, fishing, swimming and just lying back on the beach and taking it all in.


If you prefer, some snow-capped mountains will help provide adventure. You'll be able to hike, rock climb and explore some of the beautiful caves and rock formations. The variety in landscape provides a wonderful contrast and is one of the many things that draw people to this unique country.

Sofia, the capital and also the largest city, is located on the Sofia Plain and is surrounded by mountains. The city has a 7000-year history and has seen a number of excavations from the stone and bronze eras. In addition, there are a number of monuments, museums and churches of cultural and architectural interest.

Plovdiv is Bulgaria's second largest city and is located in a valley on the Maritza River. A visit to the old town will provide vivid images of past lifetimes through the architecture of Byzantine walls and renaissance mansions. The city has a vibrant arts and cultural scene with a great number of fairs, festivals, plays and concerts.



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